Senior GraphicDesigner (Citizen / PR)

Senior GraphicDesigner (Citizen / PR)

足球平台竞猜网 Singapore / 新加坡 (地区)

Senior GraphicDesigner (Citizen / PR)

Location: Singapore

XINMING DESIGN cordially invite you to join our design team
You need to love design and creative fanatics, innovation, has courage to acceptwork challenge. While here you can feel comfortable working environment, but breathingthe air of tension, that's right you can not slower than others, if you canafford them, please drop your resume to us.

Job Requirements
Age: 28 years old

Gender: Any
Qualification requirements :28-35-year-oldmaster's degree or above, above 35 years old requires an undergraduate degree orhigher
Professional: design-related professionalgraduates

Languages: fluent in English / Chinese
Experience: More than five years experiencein graphic design, skill in using design software, 4A Agency experience ispreferred, in the industry have successful independent design case, the abilityto use language to complete customers' design requirements;

Has a profound knowledge of art and strong aesthetic ability, proficiency in avariety of visual expression language, have a good drawing skill;

Have good communication skills and team spirit; serious and detail workingattitude;

Annual salary of 60,000 SGD + performance bonus + annual bonus, enjoy all thebenefits accordance to Singapore Ministry of Manpower rules and regulations.
Resume in English as well as sample of individual works sent to the

Interviewwill be arranged on selected candidates only.
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